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  • Smoke Control in a Non-ducted Return-air System
  • Meeting the increasingly common challenge of detecting smoke in a system with little or no return-air ductwork In a fire emergency, smoke and byproducts of combustion pose a far greater threat to human life than flames and heat. That is why, in modern construction, a considerable amount of attention is paid to ensuring a building [...]

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About Meridian Integrations

Meridian Integrations specializes in fire system design solutions and workplace fire safety solutions. Meridian applies decades of professional experience to responsibly navigate the evolving technical complexities of this industry for our clients. Meridian achieves your goals through our comprehensive array of innovative fire safety design, integrated fire safety sourcing, fire safety consulting and fire safety education and training services.
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Fire Systems Design

Helping you expand the scope of contracting projects you pursue without adding fixed costs to your organization.

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Fire Safety Sourcing

Helping you with your fire safety sourcing needs so that you can bid jobs with significant Fire Safety and Life Safety requirements confidently and aggressively.

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Fire Safety Education Programs

Helping you develop in-house fire safety education capabilities in the field as needed, consistently with your timetable and budget.

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